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Industry Experts Meticulous Research Calculated Planning Confidence

Invest With
Industry Experts Meticulous Research Calculated Planning Confidence

Commercial Real Estate acquisition, development, and management from the perspective of construction industry insiders.




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Winstone Investments approaches Real Estate investing from a unique perspective. Building on our comprehensive construction knowledge, the experts at Winstone Investments analyze a project from all angles for optimal usage and maximum profitability. Our stringent selection criteria ensures the success of each property.

The Winstone
Assessment Process

Our Mission

At Winstone Investments our mission is to enable both investors and tenants to thrive. Our aspiration is to consistently exceed expectations, assume complete responsibility, and personally ensure that the needs of every party are met.

Eli Greenberg, CEO

Founder of the ENM conglomerate, construction visionary Eli Greenberg created Winstone Investments from a unique perspective. Eli draws upon his own broad industry expertise, along with a hand-picked team of industry experts, to visualize the end product and utilize that knowledge for the benefit of both investors and tenants.This company joins the other companies founded by Eli Greenberg, including OneBuild Development, EnM Renovations and Winstone Consulting.

Lakewood Rd Office / Warehouse Development
Mixed Use, Industrial/Office Development

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